This page is a list of educational links. These linked sites will have free videos, information, downloads, or other resources and activities useful for learning. Many of the videos are free courses or curriculum links.

There may be a few links to websites selling educational products (in some form). These websites will be indicated with a '$$'. This will only be for sites that have no free offer and all of them will be highly recommended.

All of these sites were found as I wandered through the internet. No one has asked me to promote their site or products nor given me compensation to do so. I'll continue to add links to the list as I find more sites to include.


Art in the Picture
A great site for information about artists and art pieces.

Garden of Praise - Art Appreciation
Information, activities and lessons for a number of artists.

My How To Draw
Instructions for how to draw all kinds of things and links to more drawing sites.

Practical Pages Art Lessons
Art and Artist Appreciation with downloads

Teach Art at Home
Art lessons for drawing and more.

The Virtual Instructor
Art instructions for drawing and painting, including videos.


Garden of Praise
Bible study for children with related activities.

Joshua Project
It's hard to believe there could be people who do not know about Jesus in this age of technology. The Joshua Project is all about just that. See the different people featured each day.

Kids of Courage
A website about Christianity and related news around the world. Also has a section about the different beliefs held around the world.

Ministry to Children
Vacation Bible School Course

Bible Writer Curriculum
Bible Memory and Copywork Curriculum.

These blogs all have homeschool and learning resources.

Jimmie's Collage
A great site with resources and a post about more free resources and links.

Homeschool Creations
A site with many resources and printables

Educational game sites

Toy Theater
Games for many subjects.


Homeschool Creation Geography
Printable geography resources like maps, and more.

General Sites
This is the catch-all spot for sites that fall into multiple categories or no category at all.

Easy Fun School
A site with so many lessons for so many subjects including science, home ec, math and more.
And don't you love the name?

Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool
Full courses for assorted grades with more to come in the future.

Home Educator's Family Times
Virtual Tours - assorted locations/subjects, including space travel!

Homeschool Commons
So many freebies, so many resources, all free.

Homeschool Freebie of the Day
Bookmark this link and include checking it as part of your day. All kinds of resources offered for all subjects of learning for people of all ages. If you take nothing else away, check this site out.

Khan Academy
An amazing site full of educational videos for all kinds of subjects. This is an amazing tool and you really want to take a look. You won't be sorry. Honest

No Excuse List
This is a site for learning anything. Now you have No Excuses.
So many Fantastic links!

Open Yale
Yale offers free courses complete with video lectures, and other course materials as syllabi, suggested readings, exams, and problem sets.

Virtual Blackboard
All kinds of virtual tours for learning.


Civil War Trust
A full curriculum on the civil war for young ones, middle school and high school.

Have Fun With History
A website devoted to American History including great one-minute videos and more.

Playing History
Historical games

Canada in the Making

Mapping History


 The Great Books
Reading Curriculum for grades 9 - 12

Free Books
Audio files for stories, history, science, Shakespeare and more.

Folger Shakespearean Library
Lesson Plans for Shakespeare and more.

Homeschool Radio Shows
So many audio stories to listen too. Great to load on an mp3 player/DVD for travelling.

Audio stories for kids.


Chinese with Mike
An entertaining way to learn some Mandarin with video and printed lesson.

Irasshai - Japanese

123TeachMe - Spanish

HeadventureLand - Multiple Language courses

Life Skills and Handicraft

Craft and Fabric Links
Sewing instructions and patterns plus other crafts.

Kids Sewing Projects
Sewing How To and Projects from the very simple to more advanced.


Free Math Worksheets
Free Math Worksheets has exactly that. There are printable math games like Sudoku or you can make your own practice worksheets for arithmetic, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, division and more.

 The Math Page
This page covers whole numbers, arithmetic, algebra, trig and more. This might be the  the best math link I've found, and all for free.

Math explained for the Struggling Student


Classical Composers Monthly
This site is for classical composer appreciation. They offer a free sample featuring composer George Frideric Handel. There is a small subscription fee for the monthly offer but it's well worth it, I think.

Free Piano Lessons
Free piano lessons

Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids
Free piano lessons using Youtube video for visual instruction

Harmony Fine Arts at Home
Complete Music Appreciation Curriculum for grades 9-12

Kiddie Records Weekly
Classic records with children's songs and stories transferred from vinyl records.

Making Music Fun
This site has all kinds of sheet music for multiple instruments. The piano section includes lessons for beginners. There is other music related activities and goodies on this site. Worth clicking through.

Science and Nature

Kids Astronomy
Full Astronomy course for multiple ages

Home Science Tools
This page has a variety of science project categories to choose from with full instructions for each project listed.

Handbook of Nature Study
A great site devoted to the study of our natural world. This blog uses the book with the same name - Handbook of Nature Study written by Anne Comstock. A book from 1911, it is still a great guide to nature study.
Get your copy at this link.

Red List
This site is about animals and endangered levels. The main page can be used to see the different lists of all endangered animals. From this page you can click the 'amazing animals' link for some good information on some of this world's creatures. This site also has an animal gallery archive, one for each day (it's from 2010).

Virtual Dissections
Virtual dissections through pictures and diagrams of assorted creatures.

Water Experiments
Water experiments to try at home and more more more from homeschooling-ideas.com. This site has many ideas.

The Human Body
A great site to learn anatomy

Writing and Grammar

KISS Grammar Site
A complete site for the KISS grammar system along with workbooks and teacher's guides.

Progressive Phonics
Phonics for the new reader and for the more advanced.

Reading From Scratch
Spelling Rules

Punctuation Marks
A neat little PDF you can print off


  1. these are awesome - thank you! I have a whole list of free resources under "homeschool" tab on Adventurez in childrearing too ;) Pinning and sending to google+

    1. Thank you. And you're welcome!
      I love discovering a new source for information and resources, and free has to be the best kind.
      Thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent job Penny - your are one thrifty homes educator. Thank you for taking the time to share these resources.

    1. You're welcome! After a year of being not so thrifty, I have found much value in great resources that are available for free. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’m gathering resources online for Drawing For Kids-Resources for Moms. Just thought I’d mention my page to you. I've worked in Fine Art for over 15 years.


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