Compassion Canada
Compassion International (US) -other Compassion sites can be found here, listed by country

My Compassion - information about your sponsorship and your child.

Compassion Community

Our Compassion
A community for Compassion sponsors. See information on your child, the child's location and more. Connect with other sponsors and share ideas for letter writing.

Compassion Bloggers -Compassion Bloggers that have traveled with Compassion.

Words from Giant Hearts
Bloggers and websites for Compassion

Abounding Comfort
Come To My Rescue
Compassion Calling
Heart of Compassion
Project 195
Shelley Moore

Letter Examples

Posts about letters I have sent.

First Letter Sent
Second Letter (Princess of God, the King)

Letter Inserts

Items that can be printed off to be sent with your letter.

Alex's Paper Airplanes
An assortment of instructions for paper airplanes.

Ann of Paper Doll Land
Multiple styles of paper dolls

Art is Fun Mandala Page
Mandala designs for coloring

Betsy McCall Paper Dolls
Ten year of Betsy McCall

Bible Verses
Great verses that can be used in letters to our children.

Bible Story Printables
Bible stories to print in full color or as coloring pages.

Bible Wise
Assorted bible related coloring pages and puzzles.

Child Bible Stories Online
Bible stories and printable bible story coloring pages.

Coloring Book Pages

Cool Links
An amazingly long list of links and ideas on the OurCompassion site.

DLTK's Crafts
An assortment of crafts and coloring pages

Dover Samplers
Paperdolls, including some cute kitty cat types, coloring pages and more.

Enchanted Learning
Paper Crafts like puppets, Origami, and Stories with props.

Father's Love Letter
A beautiful letter from God.

Making Friends
Make your own paperdolls

MES English
A free printables site for teachers with all kinds of stuff.

Ministry to Children
Coloring Pages

Coloring pages and printable games (mazes, color by number, word search and more)

Paper Museum
All kinds of paper sets for building shops and market stands.

Paper Toys
All kinds of fold-up paper toys.

Printables for Kids
Including coloring pages and dot to dot puzzles

Printable Mazes
Just as the name says. Printable mazes ranging in difficulty.

Graphic Garden
Free printable stationary.


  1. I love this wonderful list of links! I found this page via the stats of our former blog site, and I'm wondering if you would be willing to change our link here to: Thanks so much! We're humbled to be a part of such a list! God bless!

    1. Gosh I'm not sure how I missed this. The link is updated now. The new site looks great!


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