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This is a list of links we use for educational computer time.  Please note my children are a little older. You may want to preview links that have a picture of the day, or news story of the day, etc. I have no way to know what will be presented on these pages and they show pictures from around the globe. Please check these links before sending your children to them. Having said that, I don't want you to think there is nothing here for little ones. There are many links that are suitable for younger children or people of all ages.

Current Affairs
Student Daily News
The Big Picture - Pictures from Around the World
The Guardian - 24 hours in Pictures (Around the World)
National Geographic - Picture of the Day
National Geographic - Daily News

Videos - Multiple Topics
Time for Kids
TED Talks
NeoK12 - Videos

Today in History
NY Times Learning Blog - On This Day
History.Com - This Day in History
History.Com - One Minute History Videos
History.Com - Other Videos
Mapping History

NASA - Astronomy Picture of the Day
NASA - Space Place - Image of the Day
Earthsky - Tonight
NOAA - Atmosphere Picture of the Day
Scale of the Universe - interactive
Hubble Site Gallery
100,000 Stars (click Launch Experiment)

Kid's Audubon Society
All About Birds
Kid's National Geographic
National Geographic - Animals
RedList - Species of the Day Archive
Hinterland's Who's Who
Botanical Garden - Botany Photo of the Day
eNature - including Bird of the Day (right side of the page)
eNature - Bird Call Challenge
Africam - African Live Cams
Whales.Org Species Guide
What's That Bug?
Ant Cam
Bird Cams
Cells Alive

The Earth
Discover Water
North Virgina Ecology
United States Wind Map
Periodic Table of Videos
MakeMeGenius Science Videos
Creation Science Videos

Inner Body - Human Body Interactive Map
Neuroscience for Kids
Cells Alive

BeeBuzzers Math and Science
Mothmatic Math - Math Games
Cool Math
Math Play

Facts, Trivia, and Fun
Wonderopolis - What do you Wonder?
Fact Monster
Educational Songs

Grammar Ninja
Analogy Quiz of the Day
Spellcheck Quiz
Rare Book Room
Read Books
Light Up Your Brain Stories
Chidren's Vinyl Records - Listen
Typing Games

Digital Dialects - Online Games for Many Languages

GeoGuessr - Explore the World
National Geographic - Geography Challenge
Canada Games - Canadian Geography
Map Puzzles
Seterra Map Quiz Games
North American Census DotMap

NPR Music - Classics in Concert

Animation Resources
Art and the Bible
Google Art Project

Religion and Faith
Daily Audio Bible - Church History
Global Prayer Digest - Prayer of the Day
Joshua Project - Unreached Peoples

Puzzles and Games
JigZone - Jigsaw Puzzles
Getty Museum - Getty Games
Fun for the Brain Games
Light Up Your Brain
Nobel Prize Games
FunBrain Games
Free Rice Quiz

Virtual Field Trips
7 wonders Panoramas - seven wonders of the world
Arounder Moon - visit the moon
Full Screen Virtual Tours - from around the world
More Virtual Tours - from around the world
Frissiras Museum – A virtual art gallery from Athens, Greece
Louvre Museum - Virtual art gallery from Paris, France
Smithsonian National Museum of National History Virtual Tour
Smithsonian Dinosaur Exhibit
Oriental Institute - Multiple virtual tours
Howard Hughes Medical Institute - The Heart and Cardiovascular Disease
Mt Vernon Tour - Check out George Washington's House
TundraCam - Camera in the Southern Rocky Mountains

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