March 11, 2016

Celebrate Spring!

Spring is almost here!
All the signs are in place.

The weather has been amazing.
I'm seeing the return of bugs and birds.
Time change goes into effect on Sunday.
Easter is in two weeks.
March 20th marks the Spring Equinox, the official First Day of Spring!

As the weather warms, garden dreams become garden plans.
Events like Seedy Saturday and Home and Garden Shows are popping up.
John's Butterfly House at the Windmill Garden Centre and Butterfly House
opens up for the season on March 19th!

Like other gardeners, I've been going through my seed collection.
It seems I have a lot of seeds.
I mean many, Many seeds!
More than I realized.
Hello, I am Penny, and I am a Seed Hoarder.

They are precious bits of life.
I can't seem to help myself when I encounter a stand of seeds.
I love to find something new. A new flavor or a new color.
Seed swaps are so much fun and I'm a member of the Seeds of the Month Club.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, I'm going to have a seed giveaway.
What better way to celebrate than share the gardening happiness?
Altogether, I've assembled over 30 packs of seeds.
10+ packs of assorted herbs,
20+ packs of veggies, and
10 packs of flowers or so.


Due to International Laws and other fun police, I need to restrict this to Canadian residents only.

To enter for a chance to win, head over to the Prairie Living Facebook page.
One lucky winner will be drawn on March 20th.

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