November 18, 2013

The Market at Medalta

The Market at Medalta is held in the Gallery at Medalta in Medicine Hat, AB.

Medalta sits on a National Historic Site. Once a busy factory with massive beehive kilns, Medalta now has a state-of-the-art (ceramic) artist's studio, and a museum. An assortment of activities are hosted there including school tours, classes, and workshops for all ages. And the previously mentioned Market at Medalta.

The Market is held every Thursday evening from 4:30 - 8:30 pm . There is always delicious food to eat, so plan to have supper there. You can enjoy a glass of wine, spirits, or a beer, and browse through the vendors attending the evening.

I have really come to enjoy this Market. It's cozy, friendly and comfortable. You can sit for a coffee, and visit with friends. Tables centered through the Gallery offer a place to sit and eat, to rest, and to chat. Often a local artist will entertain with instruments, song, or dance.

Vendors circling the tables offer a selection of tasty treats to go. Fresh produce, delicious fudge, home baked pies, fresh honey, flavored salts, meats and more can be purchased. This is a fantastic way to eat locally, meet some of the local producers, and save some money. And there's more than just food.

Beautiful aprons, jewelry, clothing, knit hats and more, lanterns, photography and artwork, walking sticks, bath and shower bombs, and children's toys. No two nights are exactly the same; the vendors and their products vary from week to week.

Last week was The Market's one year anniversary. This seemed like a good night to stop by. I would like to say I have so many amazing pictures for you, but I don't.
I have a few to share but too many ended up blurry. You'll just have to make it out one night and see it for yourself.

If you'd like to see some really good pictures of Medalta, check out the series by Luke Fandrich on Editing Luke.

When you first enter the building you are greeted by a wall mural against the brick. This artistry, and the history, is seen throughout the building.

Once inside, the entry area has a guest desk, assorted shelves of gorgeous pottery for sale, and more examples of the history and artistry of this area.

From there you can enter the Gallery. This is where the Market is held. 
We wandered through stopping at various tables and then decided to grab something to eat before shopping any further.

Which led us to pizza at Il Forno Vagabondo. 

This wood-fired pizza has become a favorite of mine. I love the thin crisp crust that doesn't lump up and sit heavy in your stomach. Perfect for one hungry person.

We decided on a T-Rex pizza with mozza, ham, pepperoni, bacon and salami.

And a Cowabunga with ham and pineapple.

Don't let the dark edges stop you from trying this pizza. We asked for ours well done and they were exactly how we like them. And so delicious. 

I had planned to eat a dessert waffle after supper but there was just no room left. It didn't stop me from getting this picture however. A Wanna-Turtle - a delicious waffle with caramel, hot fudge, and pecans by Wannawafel. I really should have left room for one of these or the other delicious waffles they had there that night but there's just not enough room to eat it all. Next time I'm starting here.

That has got to be amazing. Just look at it. 

Besides pizza or waffles, we could also have tried assorted deep fried items, sweet and sour chicken, hamburgers or other selections (simply too many to list)

The evening was finished with a little more browsing. We picked up some fresh bread and delicious apple fritters from the McGavins table to take home with us. On the way out, we stopped to look at assorted crystal, and willow walking sticks. The walking sticks are beautifully finished and the prices were very reasonable. They would make a great Christmas gift.

No two nights are the same at the Market. In warmer weather they open up the overhead doors and make use of the courtyard along with the gallery. Sometimes you can sit and get a hand massage or a shoulder rub. Watch a group of dancers or listen to a local musical artist. There has been children's activities like a bouncy castle and face painting. Every Thursday night has something different to offer.

Follow the Market at Medalta on facebook and find out what's going on each week. Plan a visit next Thursday and get a jump on Christmas shopping.

See you there!

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