September 3, 2013

Breakfast and Lunch

Planning meals is not a big deal once you get a pattern going.

I find that once my supper meals are planned, my lunch plans are much easier to decide. Going through the list of supper meals, I plan lunches from leftovers that are not already being used. If spaghetti and meat sauce is for supper one night, I'll skip a day and then plan toast with leftover meat sauce for the following lunch. A cooked ham will mean ham sandwiches for a day or two at lunch. Sometimes my plans actually include two types of lunches since the kids and I eat at home and DH takes a lunch (and has no access to electricity).

Once my leftover plans are in place, I check my list of lunch ideas and my lunch rotation to fill in the rest. The lunch rotation I use is a loose plan I can refer to. I listed our most often made meals and split them up into categories.

Sundays are always brunch so I don't plan a lunch for those days. Saturdays are always a scavenger lunch (everyone for themselves from whatever they can find in the fridge). Tuesday is our 'toast' day so lunch might be garlic bread with meat sauce, cheese buns and fruit or grilled cheese sandwiches with veggie sticks. Thursday is hard tack so maybe trail mix, fruit and ice cream or beef jerky and veggie sticks or hard boiled eggs with cheese, crackers and cold meat. This is not written in stone. It's a breakdown of what we eat, divided into categories. This is only a tool to help me keep variety in our meals and give me some ideas when I'm making out our menu for the month.

Once lunch is decided on, I move to breakfast. This is my easiest meal to plan.
Like lunch and supper, I've divided our most common meals into groups.

Sundays are for brunch. Pancakes, crepes, French toast, waffles and breakfast cupcakes all get their turn on a rotating basis. Sides optional.
Mondays are grains like homemade granola or oatmeal. Tuesdays are basics and everyone gets their own - toast, cereal, frozen (homemade) pancakes or waffles, smoothies, English muffins or bagels (if there are any in the freezer).
Wednesdays are breads like banana bread or cinnamon buns. Thursday and Friday uses up leftovers from Wednesdays and more basics.
Saturday breakfast is still part of the day of rest so it's a continental breakfast. At some point (early) on Friday I will bake muffins for the weekend and cut up fruit and we will eat them for Saturday.

Again this is not written in stone. Some weeks it's basics for breakfast all week long. Occasionally we go out on Sunday instead of eating at home.

If you have not already done so, make a list of lunch and breakfast options.
This will be a reference page when you make your menu plan.

Come back tomorrow. I'll be talking about snacks and you don't want to miss out.

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