July 2, 2013

Who are the People in Your Neighborhood

Who are the people in your neighborhood...

Do you remember Bob's song from Sesame Street?

With today's busy schedules, commercialized activities, and big box business, it's possible that you don't know the people in your neighborhood.

Certainly that is true of myself. While I know a few people in the community, I do not know everyone the way my grandparents knew the people in their community. I've let convenience dictate my activities and where I shop on occasion. I really don't know most of the business owners. I have people on my street that I know by sight only.

Recently, something happened that made me take notice of a local company.

This popped up in my facebook feed:

 And so I clicked over, liked Blue Imp and voted for Wood Mountain.

Wood Mountain Regional Park is a nostalgic place for me. I went to Camp Woodboia as a child, as did many of my friends. The Wood Mountain Stampede was an annual event for my family. I remember summer days at the swimming pool and playing with friends around the rodeo grounds on Stampede weekend.

And now, so many years later, Wood Mountain's Park is still a thriving location.

Camp Woodboia is still an active camp for young people, over 60 years running.

The Stampede is part of Canada's prairie heritage. It's the longest running stampede in the country. This year will be the 124th continuous year of top-rate rodeo competition.

Except, Wood Mountain's true population is only 20 people.

It was going to be a tough task to get enough votes to win the playground equipment while competing against larger centers and public schools.

But like I said, there's a lot of history there. Wood Mountain has a spot in many people's memories. And so their community got to work and the efforts of some very dedicated people paid off. They advertised on facebook and encouraged friends to share (which is when I noticed what was going on).

At the end of it all, it was down to Wood Mountain and the larger center of Bowmanville (with a pop over 40,000 people). It was crazy to check on the votes through the day and to see the ups and downs. People were dedicated to this project!

Wood Mountain ended up with about 8700 votes but fell short by 300 votes or so. Heartbreaking but understandable. They did the best they could do and that best was outstanding. Sometimes you just can't compete with numbers.

And this is where the 'people in my neighborhood' impressed the socks off me.
I mean seriously impressed me complete with warm fuzzy feeling and all.

The contest was being run by Blue Imp. They make great playground equipment and accessories. I had heard of them and knew they were a pretty big business but it turns out they are also a fourth generation family business, located in Medicine Hat.

Blue Imp Play Centers

When all the votes were in, Blue Imp decided that even though Wood Mountain had not received the most votes, it was close. Wood Mountain Regional Park would also get a top prize (and in my opinion, a better one than the original).

I love that Blue Imp recognized the amazing effort put out by the Wood Mountain community and awarded them a win.

And they gave out a third prize as well to another competitor with top votes.

And can I say it again? It really, really did impress me. They didn't have to do anything of the sort. This isn't like they are giving out a gift certificate that can be mailed out. This is full size playground equipment!

You don't see many companies going out of their way to give back to communities like that so I thought it was worth a mention and a bit of promotion for the Scott family and Blue Imp.

Stop by the Blue Imp facebook page. Give it a like and leave them a comment if you think they did a good thing. Good deeds should be acknowledged.

And one last thing. Wood Mountain has other plans in the works to complete the playground area. This equipment is a great start but they need a few other things. If Blue Imp has inspired you, stop by the website for the park and use the new donation function at the bottom of the page. It will be put to good and grateful use by many people visiting this historical location.

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