May 21, 2013

Wrap Salads and More

Wraps are a great menu addition for camping.
Get the ingredients ready ahead of time and assemble at camp.

Wrap Salad

This is exactly as it implies, a salad in a wrap (or optionally pita bread).
This is also the base for other wraps.

1 bunch of romaine lettuce or substitute your favorite green if you like
1 chopped onion - we like red onion but a mild Spanish onion or green onion would be good too. Use to taste
Tomatoes - or salsa for a kick
6-8 tortilla wraps or pitas
Your favorite salad dressing
Salt and Pepper

Other options to make it personal:
Sliced vegetables like radish, celery, carrots, green leaf tasties, cucumbers and sweet peppers.
Grated Cheese - Swiss, cheddar and Parmesan are nice
Chopped (cold) meat like Ham or Deli Turkey
Raisin, Sunflower seeds and other Nuts
Sliced Hard-Boiled Egg
Bacon Bits

At home
Wash and chop the vegetables and leafy greens (lettuce is better torn than cut).
Dry them with a paper towel or air dry a bit.
Combine all the veggies except onions, peppers, tomatoes and cucumber.
"Wet" vegetables should be kept separate.
Place the combined veggies in the center of a square of tin foil and wrap it up. The tin foil will help the lettuce stay crisp.
Place the whole thing inside a baggie and store in the fridge.
Package onions, peppers, tomatoes and cucumber separately (I'm picky about tomatoes so I usually leave the tomatoes whole and slice at camp)
Grate and store cheese.
Package other ingredients.

At camp
Unwrap the veggie/salad mix and dumped into the baggie at meal time.
Lay out the extra veggies, cheese, seasoning, dressing and wraps.
Let everyone assemble their own salad wrap and enjoy.

Chicken Ranch Wrap

Start with the basic wrap salad
Chicken, 4 chicken breasts or so, skinless, boneless
Ranch dressing - your favorite or try ranch seasoning with sour cream
Replace the tomatoes with salsa for a bit of a bite

Fry chicken and season
Cut the chicken up into pieces so they are long and thin and can take two bites.
Package the chicken and freeze.
Package the wrap salad contents and store.

Consider packing bacon strips or bacon bits, and grated cheese to add at camp

At Camp
Wrap the shells in a damp paper towel and cover this with tinfoil. Warm this package on the Barbecue or close to the fire.
Heat the Chicken in a skillet or on a solid grill.
When the chicken is warm, remove the wraps from the heat.
Lay a small bed of wrap salad in the middle of the wrap, add tomato, dressing, other toppings you like, and finish with the chicken. Wrap it all up. Don't forget to tuck in the bottom.
And eat

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