May 3, 2013

Ten Days For Mom

May is upon us. For me this means spring, sunshine, gardens and Mother's Day.

I know that many people think Mother's Day is another 'greeting card' holiday. And while that may be true, there is nothing wrong with honoring Mothers everywhere.

Motherhood is a wonderful, amazing, thankless, thankful, sleepless, fulfilling and perplexing mission. Every mother deserves to be honored. Every woman filling the role as mother, whether to her borne children or those adopted by papers and hearts, deserves to be told I love you. And thank you.

Every Grandma and special Auntie, and loving teacher and Sunday School mentor. Every woman looking out for the daughters and sons in this world, and extending love, and sharing laughter, and living grace.

Every. Single. One. deserves to be told Thank You!! every day. To be hugged and loved. To be told "You Matter!" and "What You do is Important!"

With this in mind, today kicks off Ten Days For Mom. Come back each day leading up to Mother's day to see my favorite posts and videos about moms and for moms. And keep a box of tissue nearby.

Ten Days For Mom begins with one of my favorite, inspirational mom posts, written by Kat from Inspired to Action. This particular post by Kat is hosted at Mom Heart.  (btw, check out those links too. Good blogs!)

You're A Mom, You're Kind Of A Big Deal

If you like, you can listen to her talk about it too.

The Nobility of Motherhood (podcast)

Enjoy, come back tomorrow

And go call your Mom

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