May 10, 2013

Ten Days For Mom (Day 8 - Encouragement)

When you spend all day with the wee folks, it's important to have someone to cheer you on. A voice to tell you that you are doing good and it's okay to mess up and yes, I have been there and let me share what happened. It can be so easy to forget to call a friend, or to be too busy or too tired to meet for delicious coffee and laughter. And the longer you wait, the harder it becomes to reach out.

Don't Wait!
Pick up the phone and call your friend or your sister or your Mom. Talk to them. Chances are, they need the contact and encouragement as much as you do! Reach out and invest time in your friends.

Once again I want to share words from Lisa-Jo Baker. Have I mentioned I love her writing and encouragement?

The first heart-note is encouragement for you. Encouragement for when you feel tired and worn and battle-sore in your heart.

The tired mother’s creed is something all Moms should read. Print off the free printable as well so it's there for you any time you need to read it.

And What mothers can do for one another expresses so clearly how I feel about Moms and friends and family. Your network of Moms is important. They need you as much as you need them. Nurture and grow yours intentionally. 

Mother's day is in a few days. What can you do to show your mom-friends a little love?

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