May 7, 2013

Ten Days For Mom (Day 5 - Warriors)

When I was young, I can remember my Mom crying over Christmas cards from my sister and myself. She would cry over Mother's Day gifts and Birthday presents. And she would tell us how much she loved us, and how we would never understand how entirely much that love was, until we had children of our own.

And I would think to myself about how I knew what love was and yeah, right of course I could understand and gee, sometimes Moms could be so mushy.

But now that I have been gifted with two beautiful children, I think Yes.
She was right. I had no idea what becoming a mother would do to me.

Something happens when we become a Mom. Something stirs deep inside that is instinctual and primal and natural and God-blessed. And the love. Oh how the love can pierce your heart so deeply so that it swells and hurts and rejoices.

We become the tiger-mommas that love and protect those sweet babies whether they be new or not so new, babes or adults about to set out on their own. Love and protect them with a ferociousness that seems to come from somewhere else and yet from deep inside where the love comes from as well.

And this ferociousness makes us mother-warriors. And brave. And powerful.

Today I want to share a video that I watched recently. Mighty is about the reality of ordinary. The reality of moms. And the truth that ordinary is anything but.

After the video, pop by Lisa-Jo's and read the post that inspired the video, "Why “mom” is the most significant job title you will ever have"

And when you are out there fighting the good fight, know you're not alone and we are all there on the field with you.

Be blessed Mommas
See you tomorrow!

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