May 12, 2013

Ten Days For Mom (Day 10 - Mother's Day)

Well, here it is. Day Ten and Mother's Day.

I hope you have enjoyed and been encouraged by the links and videos that I have shared. On this last day of ten, I want to tell you, you are amazing, Momma.


Don't ever, ever forget it.

What you do every day whether from near or far, loving those babies, it is The Single Most Important thing you will ever, ever, Ever do. Never forget that. Your impact on your child spans not just for those first years of life. Your influence will go on for generations. You really are That important.

And when those days come that knock you down (and we know they will come), grab deep inside youself and think "it's okay". This Will pass. What you do, you do because you know in the end, it's all worth it. Grab deep inside past the hurt and the exhaustion and the frustration and cry out, "I am MOM!"
And mean it with every little bit of ooomph because a declaration like that should be brought forth with everything you have.

And when you announce it, even if tears be streaming down your cheeks.... revel in it, take pride in it, take Joy. Let I am MOM be your battlecry and carry forth and battle on and know we are all on the field with you. Not in the trenches because that's not the places for Moms, but out on the field battling life and booboos and heart-blocks. And even on the less-than-brilliant days, you're still amazing.

And I love you and what you do. And He knows. And You matter.

I'm going to leave today with a few more videos. I hope they bring a smile to your face.

Happy Mother's Day.

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