April 22, 2013

Music Monday (Bessie Smith)

Good Music Monday to you!
Today I'm looking at a music legend, Miss Bessie Smith.

Back in the '70s, The Band released a song called Bessie Smith. As years went by, it was covered by Norah Jones. Although I had heard it by The Band, I had never really thought about who Bessie Smith was, and if she was real person. When I heard Norah Jones cover the song, I became curious.

Turns out Bessie Smith was a musical Jazz Legend on par with Louis Armstrong. She was an amazing singer. And she could be a little.... raunchy, at times.

This is The Band and their original version of Bessie Smith.

And here is the cover version I prefer by the lovely, Miss Norah Jones.

And finally, a song by Bessie Smith.
The recording is scratchy and less than crystal clear, but she is wonderful.
I've picked one of her G-rated songs. If I understand the comments correctly, this one made it's way into a video game. Not bad for a woman from the 20s and 30s.

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