October 3, 2012

Adventures and Excursions

My family is very fortunate to be living in a province with great homeschool support. We are also lucky to live where we do. Within 5 minutes I can be in the city closest to my house. Within 3 hours I can be in a major city.

Heritage parks, museums and landmarks, multiple art galleries, a world class zoo, more parks and ecological learning areas than I can count, science clubs and organized sports, not to mention all the organized opportunities by our school board homeschool group... all this is available to us. There are endless options and opportunities for field trips and other excursions.

Last year we took advantage of these opportunities. We would talk about them later and again when talking to hubby. Somehow I would forget about keeping track of our activities and we would have nothing 'to show' for our time. While the whole point is the learning, I do have a responsibility to my school board. They need to know that my children are being taught.

So this year, we will be filling out Adventure and Excursion sheets. This will give us a collection of reviews for our adventures that we can look back at and 'remember when'. And it gives us something to show our homeschool advisor and say yes! we did do all kinds of stuff. I love to read these after a day out.

The sheet we use has a place for a title, date, the weather and who you went with.  There is also a ratings box for ratings up to 5 stars (and one extra star for those amazing days that deserve a little more).

Next is a spot to draw a picture related to the activity or paste in a photo taken while you were out, and a spot to list any equipment and materials used.

The last three parts ask for a description of the day's events, the favorite part of the day, and what was learned, observed and discovered.

We keep the sheets together in a folder for now. I haven't decided if we should use a hole-punch and keep them in a binder/duotang, or if we should bind them all together at the end of the year somehow.

These are the sheets we are using in green, purple and greys. You are welcome to use them for your own trip reviews.

Green  -  Purple  -  Grey

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