September 26, 2012

Dear God

Dear God

This seems strange because it's more formal than my internal running babble directed towards you. I think we communicate much better when you read my heart than when I try to express myself with words, but I'll give this a try anyway.

You know the deep heartbreak I feel as I view the state of the world around me. The hate and anger that is expressed so often in this world weighs heavy on my mind. How people can be so mean to each other, so cruel. How can we willingly inflict pain on other people with horrible words? How can one person steal the life of another and not care? That anyone could maliciously hate someone leaves a physical pain in my chest. It does. I know you can see it and I know you feel it too.

But even worse than the hate, is the indifference. Hate is never good, but at least it is passion and interest. And if there is interest, and a passion, maybe the hate can be turned around. Everyone knows there is a fine line between love and hate.

But indifference.

While hate drives a knife into my emotions, indifference completely boggles my mind. I don't understand, God. How can people born of flesh and blood... people who must have emotions and a conscience... how can they be so completely indifferent to the struggles and pain of other people? How can any human being have a blatant disregard for human life?

How can the world's community be aware that children... Innocent Children! are starving to death and not immediately decide we must help now?

Not hope someone else does. Not tsk tsk and wonder if things will ever change. How can we look at pictures, scenes on tv, and not immediately act? How can we see these children and not see our own sweet sons and daughters in their faces. Why are we so insensitive? Why do we not realize these poverty stricken children are the same faces we see in our schools and in our churches.

These are children who suffer and go without simply because of where they live. How can we not help these children, Your children, God?

They didn't do anything wrong. They didn't hurt someone or forget to do something they were supposed to. They didn't ask to be born into the circumstances they live in. They are children who just want to eat breakfast, and go to school, and eat dinner, and play with friends, and eat supper, and spend time with their family. And go to sleep at night knowing they can do it again tomorrow. Food, shelter and love. Why is that too much for them to have?? I know we are a world of sinners but how - HOW could we let it come to this??

We have an Entire Continent of overweight people willing to eat edible plastic and we cant stand to support one child through an organization because they might be 'scammers' or 'crooks'. Because they might not make the very best decisions with every single dime they get. Because it's not our problem and our country sends money. Because it won't make a difference at all. Because poverty will always be around. Because I should spend the money in my own community.

But I don't. At least not as much as I could. And these are the lies we tell ourselves. These are the lies I tell myself as I explain to selfish-me how I can never afford to sponsor another child, while I crack another can of coke open and pop another dorrito in my mouth. The lies we tell ourselves as we go out for another meal. As we buy another pair of shoes we don't really need but gosh they are pretty. As we buy another case of beer for the weekend because we wouldn't want to pass that up just one weekend. Dear loving God, how can we be so selfish?

And so many don't even try, not really. We don't look to see where we might be able to help in good conscience. We don't try to figure out where we can save and better manage our money to be able to give just a little bit more. We need to save for vacations and new cars and giant homes, not for starving people. How can so many of us call ourselves Christians when we are not being the best Jesus we can be and we are not giving of ourselves as much as we possibly can. We are not even tithing 10% of our time and money, let alone truly giving of ourselves. Why can we not forget about the lazy comforts of this world and get productive and do something. Do we really think we do not - will not have to clean up the mess we have made? That we won't be accountable?

You know I am trying God. Many of us are trying. Or in my case, maybe it's more like I'm trying to try. But I could do so much more. And I need help. We all need so much help. This mess is huge and without you, we can't make a difference at all.
I can't make a difference at all. Please help me reach my sponsored children. Let my words tell them they are loved. Help my sponsoring make a difference in the life of these children. Let my words defy the lies of poverty so they know they count. They Are Important. They do matter.

God, I don't know how to move people. I don't know how to write the right words so people will go to Compassion's website and check them out. I know it's not for everyone, but so. many. people. could be making such a difference right now and I don't think they even realize it. They won't even look into it because they are so filled with suspicion. And I get that. I really do. I was there. But this group, they are good guys doing great things. They are making positive, real changes in so many lives. You know this. And I don't know how to show it to others. How to express how important I feel this is or the amazing, fulfilling experience that this becomes for the sponsor. How can I really show someone how rewarding it feels to help someone through Compassion?  This organization has become not only a blessing for my sponsored child, but a blessing for me. A truly wonderful experience and I had no idea. And I'm So blessed for that little push you gave me.The one that got me reading and interested. I really, really want to be that blessing for someone else. For many someone elses.

I am not an influential person. I don't have a talk you into anything type of personality. My opinion is only my opinion and I'm usually okay with that. But sometimes, sometimes I hope for just a little power to persuade people. They can't understand the amazing impact they could have on the entire life of another person or they would be sponsoring someone already. They must not understand they could pull multiple generations and people out of poverty by sponsoring One child. Just one. Not even the cost of taking someone out for supper. And I am unable to convince them to even take a look at Compassion.

Honestly, I have felt a little defeated in this. I truly need some help. I need to do something. I can't sit here and let an entire part of our world-family die because they don't have food or basic necessities. Not when it's possible to change this. But I need help. We have houses filled with stuff, and multiple cars, and good healthy food. So much food that it spoils and we throw it away. Meanwhile, people are dying. Dying.
And I know we can turn this around.
I know it deep down inside. Poverty Does NOT have to exist and it Can be eliminated. It can. So please God, give me a bit of a megaphone so I can reach a few people. A little sparkle to influence a person or four to check out Compassion. Just a little push so they click that share button on facebook or email. It might not be for them, but maybe for their friend? And they won't know unless they check it out. Help me if this is Your will and Your plan.

As always, thanks for listening.


Even if sponsorship is something you are not interested in, could you take a moment to stop by the child sponsorship page and say a prayer over one of the children. A prayer that their sponsor will find them soon. That they will not believe the lies of poverty. That the love of God will be shown to them and they will know they are important, and loved, and cherished, that they matter.
Thank you, friend.

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