August 16, 2012

Hiding His Word and Hello Mornings!

For a good while now, I've been a part of a large group of ladies who are trying to be intentional about their time in the morning. We have been working together, encouraging each other, to get our days started off with the right frame of mind.

How we start our day can have a big impact on how our entire day goes. You know it yourself. When the day starts off on the wrong foot, hurried, frustrated... it can be hard to shake that frame of mind. On the other hand, when we have time to wake up, time to spend with Him, and time to plan, it's a world of difference.

Hello Mornings, in a nutshell, is about making time for God, time for self, and time to plan your day. We take each part on separately, in bite-sized bits that are easy to work into our lives. We are not trying to turn our lives upside-down. We want to create lasting, healthy habits that will help us, and by extension, our families. We want to grow in a way that will have a lasting impact.

We spend about a month concentrating on each new habit.
The first month is about spending time with God. You'll want to get to bed a little earlier so you can find an extra 15 minutes in the morning. For you, the time with God might mean praying, reading your Bible, joining in on a Bible study or just sitting quietly to listen to what He may have to say to you. How you spend time with Him is personal and you choose what works for your relationship.

The second month is about forming some type of activity habit. Maybe it's yoga or zumba or running. Maybe it's a walk around the block with the dog. The point is to be intentional about your health and get active.

The third month is planning your day. Spend a few minutes to think about your day. Make a list (if you like lists) about what you need to do. What would you like to accomplish? And what about anything extra you need to take care of? Plan your day so your time is intentional and used well. Keep it simple.

To make it easier, the Hello Morning ladies are broken up into smaller groups so we can really connect and get to know one another on a more personal basis.

Hello Mornings is ready to begin the fifth session this Sunday, August 19th.

Now I need to tell you, we have some fantastic ladies who get this all together for us. They are giving up their time for the community and it is so appreciated. And on top of all this, we are provided with a bible study that we can work on together as a group (more time given for us. We are so blessed). This is an optional study, but it is a great resource.

This session we are working through 1 Peter.

Now coincidentally (Okay not coincidentally. These ladies have been working together in a ninja-christian super sneaky way), the Do Not Depart ladies are also starting to work on hiding 1 Peter 1 in their hearts.

Do Not Depart has multiple resources if you want to take part in this challenge.

I'm just finishing up 1 Corinthians 13 and I really appreciate having the words 'on command'. This chapter has become my go-to mantra when I need calming or a reminder to be patient (a constant struggle for me). I'm looking forward to this new study and a new chapter for my heart.

For more information, click through to Hello Mornings and Do Not Depart.
We would love to have you join us.

- Just a quick note. I am not trying to take any credit for either group or the resources, etc. I'm just a person who signed up to participate in the study and memory work. And a fan. When I say 'we' I am referring to all of us ladies who signed up to take part. A huge thanks for everything to everyone on the Hello Mornings team and the Do Not Depart team.

1 Peter 1 on Scripture Typer

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