May 7, 2012

Capturing Scripture in Your Heart

In my last blog post I mentioned about my change of heart when it comes to memorizing scripture. This is now a daily occurrence here on the Prairie.
Or at least, in our house. I thought I would share some of the methods and tools we use to capture scripture inside our heart.

To begin with, we decide on what to learn. You don't need to limit your learning to scripture, either. There are prayers like the Lord's Prayer which could be learned (yes I know That one is in the Bible but I needed a traditional 'prayer' that everyone could recognize.). For scripture, I choose from all over.
Reading the Bible, Christian blogs, Bible reading plans, devotional books and even Facebook or Twitter can be a source with the right status or tweet. Anything from the Bible that captures the heart and gives joy or peace or hope is eligible.

The scripture is written on a recipe card and it's added to the back of our prayer box. The children take turns deciding which verse we will learn next from this collection of cards.

Once the verse is chosen, everyone gets their own prayer card to write the verse out, along with personal goals and prayer requests. These cards are used when we pray together.

Inside the prayer box are divider cards. They split the box into sections for odd and even, days of the week, and days of the month. The recipe card with our current verse is in the front of it all.

When the verse is learned by all of us, it is moved back to the 'odd' section. Any verse in the odd section moves back to the even section. The even section card moves back to 'Sunday'. Sunday to Monday, and so on.

After we have prayed, we will review the verse depending on the day.

For example, on Friday, May 11th we will say our new verse together to learn. Anyone that thinks they know it well enough can try to say it alone with no card. After praying we will review the verse in the 'odd' section (since the 11th is an odd numbered day), followed by review of the verse in the 'Friday' section, and then the verse in the '11th'.

In actuality we have not learned enough verses to fill in all these spots so we will learn our new verse, and review the 'odd' section.

We also have an easel-style white board that can hold paper. Our current learning scripture is written at the top of this board so it can be read when our eyes wander that way. If you don't have a whiteboard, you could use a chalkboard or just print it out on paper and pin it up somewhere. Maybe even pretty it up with a frame to hold your chalkboard or printable.

Because I am the slowest of us all (did I mention the freaky memorizing ability of my children? Really. Freaky.), I also write the learning verse on multiple recipe cards and stash them around where I will see them - in the laundry area, in the corner of the window over the sink, on the dresser, one in my purse and so on.

I recently-ish learned about a handy online tool called Scripture Typer. Utilizing this tool is very easy and I like the inbox reminders (optional). Typing out the verse we are working on a few times throughout the week really helps me to visualize it, and remember it.

Some scripture has been made into hymns and this is another way to learn a verse. Add music to the ones you are learning or find a musical version with some searching online.

I hope this gives you some ideas how to capture His word in your heart. Give it a try and see if it doesn't bless you and bring you joy, as it does for me.


Get your own prayer card here


  1. Excellent suggestions, Penny! I love your system. Having such an organized plan can really make all the difference in staying on track with memorizing new scriptures and retaining the old ones.

    1. Thanks Lisa. It helps the little ones be involved as well. It's simple enough they can follow it and it makes them somewhat aware of the days of the week and so on.
      Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by Jamie!


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