April 6, 2012

Preventable Death

Have you heard of Sevenly? Sevenly is a charity fund-raising and awareness site.

Each week they support a different organization by selling a t-shirt (multiple styles for both men and women), designed for that charity. Each sale of a shirt earns the charity $7.00.

This week Compassion International is teamed up with Sevenly. Funds raised will purchase life saving mosquito nets for families in areas where Malaria is a true danger.

It only begins with a bite and a small itch. Then a fever develops, and headaches. And shortly, a coma followed by death.

A child dies every 30 seconds from Malaria. Think about that.
Every.   30.   seconds.
Every 30 seconds some mama loses her precious baby. Every 30 seconds a daddy mourns for his sweet child.
Over 3 Billion people are at risk. By the time you finish reading here, we will have lost another 3 children.

What is incredible and almost unbelievable... this doesn't have to happen. Malaria is preventable and completely treatable. The 2800 children that were lost today did not have to die and their families do not need to be experiencing such unimaginable grief.
It could have been prevented.

It only takes a mosquito net, some education, and a little medicine. Yet Malaria is still killing in Africa, in Asia. In Central and South America. It doesn't take much. Unfortunately 'not much' is 'very much' when you don't have the resources needed.

Join Compassion and Sevenly and help stop Malaria in Rwanda. For $22.00 you get a great t-shirt and you help save a life. I think that is a pretty awesome deal. And the t-shrits are really cute.

So how does it work?

You have two choices. First, if you have been thinking about sponsoring a child through Compassion International, now is the time to do it. Each new sponsor will receive a code to get a free shirt from Sevenly. This is like a thank you from Compassion for sponsoring a child (something I highly recommend.... you get back so much more than you give and these children need your help).

The second choice is the t-shirt purchase. Go to Sevenly and pick out the shirt you want. Each shirt purchase means a life-saving net for a child. That's a big deal. This is life-saving!

So you have a real chance here to help children in poverty and get a t-shirt. You get  to choose from multiple styles and colors. Or pick a hoodie instead. It's win win for everyone.

Remember, Sevenly works with an organization one week at a time so this opportunity ends precisely at 9:59 AM PST next Monday, April 9.
Don't wait. Jump on it now. You don't want to forget and miss out.

Edit: This offer is now over but you can still make an incredibly huge difference in the life of a child with sponsorship, or a one time donation to any of Compassion's projects. In Canada, go here. In the United States, see this site. Outside of the US and Canada, check out this page for the Compassion site for your country.
And a big thanks to everyone who participated to fight Malaria!

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