March 27, 2012

Prayer Card

A prayer card can be a valuable tool for spiritual growth.
Begin with a recipe card or card stock and add the following.

A Bible Verse
Choose a verse that inspires you or speaks to you and write it on the top of the card. This can be read until you know it by heart and no longer need the card. Once you've kept the verse in your heart, make a new card with a new verse.

Passion Play; Drumheller, AB
A Request for Growth.
We all have qualities we need to spend time on. Patience is one I'm currently working on. You know yourself best. Choose something that you need to improve, something important to you, and ask God for help.

Write it down on your card. This will keep it fresh in your thoughts and remind you to ask God for help. Every time you read your card, you will be consciously aware of your goal and your actions.

 A Reminder to Give Thanks
On a good day it's easy to give thanks (if we remember). On a bad day, thanks can be the last thing on our mind. But on a bad day, maybe especially on a bad day, thanks is what we need to give...we need to remind ourselves how lucky we are.
Add a 'thankful reminder' to your card in some form. It can be a picture or even two simple words, Give Thanks. This is all it takes to remind ourselves to count our blessings and thank our Creator.

Prayer Requests
 It is our Christian duty to pray for others. To think about them and intercede on their behalf. Make a note of the people in your life who need some extra help. Maybe you know someone who is ill or going through a rough time. It could be a friend has something big coming up, a speech or a tournament maybe, and could use an extra request for success and victory. Perhaps someone has asked you to pray for them. Update the card as you need to. Begin a new card as necessary, transferring any current relevant notes onto the new card.

Multiple copies of your card can be made so you can keep one in your purse, the car, over the sink, on the bathroom mirror and so on. Place them wherever they will be most used in your life. When you have a moment, read your card. While you do dishes or wait in line at the store, read your card. When you notice it, if you can, take a moment and read it.

Not long ago, I made up a couple prayer cards I could print off in duplicate. They are simple cards but functional. After using them for a couple of weeks, it occurred to me that maybe some of you could make use of them too.

The next step was to ask a friend to make up a *pretty* prayer card for me to offer. My skills are seriously limited in this department and although I like my cards (example above), they are in basic mspaint .jpg format and show up rather 'smudgy.'
And so... Thank you, Lord, for wonderful friends with skills.
My friend has made up this elegant card for me.
I really like it and I hope you will too.

You are welcome to use the cards for yourself. My primitive one and my friend's much nicer one are both linked below. To save to your computer, right click and choose 'save this link as'.

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  1. Thank you for inspiring and making our world brighter and closer to god, the catholic holy cards are great gifting idea.

    May God bless you and yours always.


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