March 1, 2012

My Prayer Book

My prayer book has become a great tool to guide my thoughts as I work on my relationship with God. My book is not a replacement for His Bible but a gentle reminder to really think about his Word.

This book is a collection of biblical verse and prayers.
I started with a pretty journal with sufficient pages and added multiple styles of pink ribbon along the spine for bookmarks. Colored tabs divide up the different sections of the book.

It is a book I continue to add to, as I read and study and learn His word.

I added sections to the book for morning, mid-day and evening, and a section each for the rosary, my husband and my children.

Scripture and prayers that are important to me were printed off and pasted in the book. Since then I have also written in other entries. Pictures reflecting the words were added here and there.

I began using a prayer card so I added a small envelope on the inside cover to hold my prayer card and bible study outlines.

In the morning I read my daily quotes and scripture. Most mornings I follow this with prayers for my husband and my children. This is my quiet time and I try to dedicate time for Him. After my prayers I am ready to be still and listen.

The last three sections of the book - midday, evening  and rosary are not used daily. I do read these parts occasionally and I add to the first two now and then, but this has not become a routine. Eventually they will be (or that's the plan), but I'm not there yet.

The rosary section has the prayers and mysteries of the rosary. By praying one section per day for each weekday, I can pray the entire rosary each week.

In between the different sections of the prayer book are multiple pages yet to be filled so that the book can continue to grow.

This little book is not perfect but it has encouraged me to make time for God. It reminds me to make time for the most important relationship we have. And by using it, I am gradually learning more about the Bible, the books inside and how to find what I seek.

I hope this encourages you to make your own prayer book or share one you currently use already.

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