February 18, 2012

Featured Blog - a holy experience

I'm not sure how to write about my absolute love of this blog.

Ann Voskamp is an amazing writer and her posts are a work of art that speak to my heart in a way I can't express.

Maybe it is because she writes from the heart
even when it's hard...
hard to write I'm sure...
hard to read, I know.
But she doesn't turn away.

Maybe it's because sometimes life is hard.
And sometimes, grace is hard.

More than anything, I think I fell in love with this blog when Ann wrote about grace.

Grace is a tough one. For so long I couldn't understand what grace was. I read the definitions and the explanations and then I would look around at our messy, chaotic, upside-down world and wonder... this is grace?

When I read Ann's post, this post... the proverbial light bulb went off and I began to understand.

I don't mean to say it's all clear and I see the whole picture. I don't. But I'm learning. And a new way of looking at life has been opened to me.

Now I don't want to isolate one post. I easily get lost in time when I go to a holy experience. Ann has many posts to enjoy. Like about counting the fish and homeschooling and hard grace and so many more than I can list.

Take the time to stop by at a holy experience. You won't be sorry.

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