February 22, 2012

Believing in God is Hard


Just His name conjures up all kinds of thoughts and questions. Not the least of which is, Is He real? Does God exist? And if we choose to believe... why do we choose to have faith in this being.

On the surface of it all, it should be easy to believe in God.

Just look around at nature. Watch a sunrise or the fury of a storm or the power of a waterfall. Listen to the birds sing and watch them fly. Our world is incredible. It ebbs and flows in a way that is indescribable.

This world's design and creation is something writers and other artists have been trying to copy since man's first stories and yet they are all just that... copies and poor imitations when compared to our own real world.

That this could all be an accident or a fluke of science somehow, is much more unbelievable than a God to create it all.

And yet still we want proof. All through the ages people have repeatedly wanted proof. The Bible is filled with stories about people looking for proof, and God doesn't let them down. He talks to them and appears to them and even gives up His own Son, for them. For us.

It was recorded and protected and passed on carefully. So carefully that years later, when the Dead Sea Scrolls are found, and the ancient writings are compared to today's book, the translations are still proven accurate.

But even with all this, perhaps even a little because of all this, believing in God is hard.
So very hard.

Hard because He is God and that's a pretty big deal. He is the Man. The Head Honcho. The Ever Seeing, All Knowing, Grand Master Creator of All. This is His world and His plan, and we are not here on this earth and part of the grand design for our own purpose. If you believe in God you should know that this world, this life, is not about us and our plans.
And that is hard.
Maybe the hardest part of it all.

Hard because it means doing the right thing even when we are tired and cranky and tested. Hard because it means being a good example and having patience and being compassionate even when we are in a hurry and late and spent.

Hard because belief means turning the other cheek and going out to administer to the world of needy people and broken people and hungry people, both for body food and soul food and how do we help them all and share it all and not be pulled down in the darkness of it all.

Hard because it means He is always watching and He gave up His Son.... HIS Son for us... and we find it hard to give up soda or gambling or short words or any number of vices and bad habits no matter how bad they are for us and it's humbling and shaming that He is so giving and we can be so very very selfish.

Hard because it means taking care of our body and our minds and our spirits and guarding them and protecting them and each other and sometimes it's just easier to order take out and ignore the arguing from the kids room and get lost in whatever habit we are currently idolizing.

Hard because to know Him is to love Him in thanks and gratitude and sometimes that gratitude is a hard pill to swallow when life is weighing heavy and the picture is bigger than we can see and we want.... something..  but God smiles at us and whispers "Patience..."

Hard because He. Is. God.


And how do you become worthy of His love...

And this may be the only part of it all that isn't hard.
Because we don't need to become worthy.
He created us and He Loves Us that much.

We only need accept the blazing, totally encompassing truth of His Love and His forgiveness. We only need believe His amazing, incomprehensible sacrifice to save us all...
and to reach out our hand to Him...
and accept Him and try our best...

 As Lent begins, try to take a couple minutes each day to spend time with God. Time to get to know Him and build on your relationship with Him. Read your Bible, tell Him a secret, say a prayer, or just sit quietly and listen.

And as we do a little each day, maybe it won't be so hard.

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