June 2, 2011

Featured Blog - Inspired to Action

It's Thursday which means a Featured Blog. I originally meant to go through my reader list in alphabetical order so as not to play any favorites (how can I with so many wonderful writers?), but I'm breaking away from that today to feature Inspired to Action.

There are two reasons for this. Well, three reasons really, if you count that Kat is a fantastic writer and wonderful person, and her blog is worth reading on those merits alone.

Now I admit I have never met Kat in the real world, but I can still vouch for her as 'good people.' I can do this because of her giving nature, the content she writes, the resources she provides, and the inspiration she has given me on a personal level even without direct contact or correspondence.

Oh and did I mention Inspired to Action has information and resources to help you out? I've included her daily prayers for husband and children in my prayer book (with a bit of personalizing to make it mine).
But now I'm all sidetracked.

The first reason I wanted to feature Inspired to Action this week is because of the wonderful, amazing, heart-wrenching adventure that Kat is on at this very moment.

Kat is a Compassion Blogger and she is very fortunate to be in the Philippians. While she is there she gets to see the work of Compassion, meet the child she helps to support, and meet family she has never met.
You need to read these posts by Kat about Compassion and the children they help. It's intriguing, eye opening and informative. There's so much we can do.

If for no other reason, check out Kat's story on Inspired to Action to see the videos and pictures and to follow the trip of her group. Go through the various links at the Compassion site and read the blogs of the other members on the trip as well.

The second reason to feature Inspired to Action is more personal. Through her blog, Kat has organized a Maximize Your Morning group.

Group may not be the right word with 800 or more of us signing up. Maybe Large Group.

Kat has given so much of her time for this project - organizing the event, the groups made from those who signed up, assigning group leaders, and more - and so many women are reaping the rewards of it. My own group is a gathering of fantastic, warm ladies who have been friendly and supportive from day 1. I couldn't ask for a better group of new friends. Together, we encourage ourselves and each other to rise in the morning with enough time to plan our day, to spend time with the Lord and to take time to start the day off right. There is also the odd bedtime reminder (gosh it can be tough to go to bed on time).

I really hope Kat finds everything she was hoping for and more on her Trip. And again I encourage you, take a hop over to her blog and read a bit. You'll be happy you did.


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