June 3, 2011

Do Re Mi in Antwerp (Flash Mob Friday)

It's Friday once again and that means another flash mob feature.

My choice this week reflects the thoughts going through my head.
It will soon be the two year anniversary of Mom's passing.
It's been a week of what ifs and smiles and memories... and a few tears.
I miss her.

A memory.... When my sister and I were kids, our family would attend midnight Mass every year for Christmas. Even after my parents were divorced, my Dad would still drive in to join us at Mass on Christmas eve. Sometimes I wonder if he knows how much the little gestures my parents made helped to make their divorce easier on us. After Mass, Dad would head back to the ranch and we would walk home.

When we got home, The Sound of Music would be in full swing on T.V.

We usually missed the beginning but it didn't matter because previous to these late night showings, we had seen the show many times before. We would get into pajamas and settle in with the von Trapps to end the evening.

Occasionally a friend would join us but more often than not it was just my Mom, my sister and I.
We would sing along to all the songs, Mom always in wonderful harmony.
One or twice we even danced.
It's a good memory.

So... I present to you a flash mob of Do, Re, Mi from Antwerp Train Station.
I love how they modernize it a bit when it comes to the part with Maria talking.

Enjoy Mom... I know you're out there watching.

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