May 11, 2011


Swagbucks. The first time I heard of swagbucks, I was reading a post by The Happy Housewife. Shortly after, another blog page I read also mentioned swagbucks. And then another. The posts made it obvious they were using it to help (somewhat) with household expenses. So, I followed a link and checked it out.

Turns out, Swagbucks is one of those 'earn points and redeem them for things you want' kind of sites. I've joined a similar site before but gave it up since all the points required I buy something from someone, and the prizes you could redeem your points for were nothing I really wanted.

Swagbucks is a little different so I joined to see what it all entails. So far, I'm not unimpressed. In 8 days I have made enough points to get a $5 Amazon card.  Now thats not a great fortune but considering all I did was use their search bar, answer a couple surveys and watch the odd video... things I do anyway... it's not too bad. The cards don't expire so they can be saved for a specific purchase. Maybe an extra gift at Christmas or a few extra household cleaning supplies throughout the year.

If Amazon is not your thing (and it's not really mine but I'm slowly caving) they also have 'real' items you can choose, or cards from paypal or home depot. There's more but there's no sense in repeating their site. Just check it out for yourself. They also have many of those games that facebook has and other fun little activities which can all earn you swagbucks.

If you check it out, I'd love for you to use my referral link (another good way to earn extra swagbucks).

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