May 13, 2011

Curriculum Choices (3) - Science

Science was straightforward for me as a curriculum choice. Or it could have been if I had stopped looking right off the bat. When I started looking for a science plan of some kind, the first thing I came across was the Apologia site. I should have stopped when I found their science courses since they are exactly what I had in mind.  But I didn't, I kept checking out other ideas and unit studies, etc. Silly me.

Anyways, I want to use a science program written from a Christian point of view instead of a secular one. I also want to get out there in the dirt and the trees and the meadows and learn about nature from being in it. This is what I have come up with (as always, this could be subject to change. I'm not 100% sure about what I am doing here).

Mondays is turning into our togetherness day, of sorts. More activities done together than apart. For Science, we will start off with the science question for the week from the Apologia site. Depending on the question, it may be a little much for my daughter, but we will work on it through the week together to find the answer. More of a discussion and an information treasure hunt than a formal assignment. Once we have read the question and discussed it briefly, we will work on the Astronomy course together. After to talking to both children, and evening discussions on camping trips, it doesn't seem like they have learned much about the stars, the planets, etc. Or more likely, they don't remember what they learned and need a refresher course to wake up those brain cells. Either way, Mondays we will work on Astronomy. If there is extra time, they will move to their individual courses.

I picked Mondays since I'd like to do some stargazing for this course. Map out the constellations and such. For some classes, we will stay up late on Sunday and have our class at night under the stars and then sleep in the following morning. This shouldn't disrupt our week too terribly bad and it lets us ease into the odd Monday morning (we are sleepers around these parts).

We will have two weeks per chapter so two Mondays to do a course. This could be a little much but I think it will be okay. This course will be more about review for them once we get into it... I think.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be time for individual courses that each child is taking. My daughter will be working through Botany and Zoology 1, my son through Physical Science and Biology.

Fridays we will work on nature study. We have a wide assortment of parks, rivers, wooded areas and more to explore. There is also really good interpretive center in our area that hosts assorted days out in nature that we can take advantage of. We will use a nature journal for this part - writing about things we find and learn about, drawing nature, related poetry and more.

Our mornings will essentially be filled with our beginning activities, followed by Math and Science. I've found some nice science-related resource sites, linked down below. They include experiments to try, science kits to purchase and more.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

EarthSky Tonight

Space - space image of the day

Home Science Tools

Insect Lore

Wild Creations

eNature - this link has a 'bird of the day' in the right column.

Botanical Gardens - Botany pic of the day

Red List - In 2010, Red List had a species of the day page.
                This links to the archive with full content.


  1. Love how you have incorporated outside science resources in with your Apologia choices. I enjoy those astonomy sites--the photos they list really show the glory of God's Creation! Aren't the Insect Lore insect kits wonderful? We've enjoyed the butterfly and lady bug habitats.

    Thank you for posting about our Facebook party tonight!

  2. You're welcome!

    I can't wait to do the different insect kits. hehe


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