April 25, 2011

One of His Girls

Jennifer Camp writes in her bio that she is one of His girls.
I love this expression of love for God, our Father.

She wrote a beautiful post today for (in)courage readers. I highly recommend giving it a read.

Daddy's Girl

I know I'll be returning to read it again.


  1. Dear Penny, my heart is so touched by how God speaks to us--how His naming us "His girls" is what I most need to hear. Thank you so much for coming over to You Are My Girls. I am happy to have found you. Gratefully, Jennifer

  2. Your writings show how deeply you feel, Jennifer. You are talented and express yourself so beautifully, not only for yourself, but also for others who feel the same way (whose talents may lie elsewhere).
    Thank you for stopping by my page.
    God Bless


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