April 20, 2011

Home School - Getting Started (otherwise known as Eternally Reading)

Since we decided to home school, I've been doing my best to prepare for next year.

There are so many different styles of teaching, methods of learning, curriculum to choose from. Or you can decide to make your own curriculum from the wealth of information available. Or you can decide not to follow a curriculum if perhaps a play-it-by-ear way is more your style. You also need to factor in when you will homeschool, or if it is you that will be home schooling your children, or another trusted person. You may have free reign to design what your child is required to learn, or government regulation in your area may define this for you, or anything in between.

Now let me say here, I am obviously no expert. This is our first year. That is, our first year deciding to home school. The 'real' first year won't begin until September, with the next school season. And I have to tell you... it can definitely be a little fairly quite very overwhelming.

So what am I doing to work through this?

To start with I read. Then I read more. And more... and more...
Still reading actually.
I've read sites for home school support, educational websites, curriculum guides and many, many reviews.  I read blogs related to homeschooling. I read the requirements for homeschooling in my province.

The subject requirements are fairly liberal. Funding depends on how closely aligned you are to the provincial guidelines. I also need to declare our option to home school to an eligible school board.

Soo... then I looked into school boards in the province. Each one has a website that covers the type of support they offer, the funding they provide, contact information and more. After finding a few I thought suited us, I contacted them by email with more questions.
I have now decided with which board I will be making our declaration to and met with their advisor (Helen was very helpful).

Next I'll be making a visit to our local educational stores and attending one of the Home School fairs coming up. I need to check out the different curriculum that interests me in more detail. I will stop by my library for a provincial card. This will enable me to make use of almost all libraries in the province. Once I know my choice of curriculum for the year, I can check my library for listed resource books.

And of course, I will continue to read.

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