April 15, 2011

Chicken Noodle Soup

I will never shop for groceries without picking up one of those deli cooked chickens again.

After reading at multiple sites about the fantastic soup they make, I had to try it.
And they were right.

I picked up a chicken last shopping trip. There were other plans for supper so the chicken was left to cool. I later cut all the meat off and placed it in a zip-locked bag. The rest of the chicken... the carcass, leg bones, scraps and all were placed in another larger bag. I stuffed the bag with the meat in on top and threw it all in the freezer.

I should mention here that I have a continuous container for leftover veggies on the go in my freezer. Leftover cooked vegetables are added to it after each meal. When the container is full, the entire thing is added to a soup.

So, the soup....

I threw everything (bones, carcass, etc) but the good meat in a slow cooker with the leftover frozen veggies and a fresh chopped onion. Topped it about 1/2 way with water and let it all simmer overnight.

In the morning I strained all the scraps and (now soggy) vegetables out of the 'water'... which is actually now very flavorful soup stock. The soup stock was returned to the pot and fresh vegetables (carrots, celery, green beans, and onions) were added along with the good pieces of meat.

About halfway through the day I tasted and seasoned the soup.
This mixture simmered most of the day. Noodles were added at the end so they would be ready in time for supper.

Best chicken soup ever. I will be repeating this on a regular basis.

The nice thing is, you could make a supper from the chicken and still use the bones and scraps to make soup stock. I love it when I can make a dollar stretch a little further.

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