March 29, 2011

Homeschooling... really?!?

It's cute how we think life will follow a certain path... and then God smiles and rubs his hands together and suddenly our path curves sharply and meanders off around a hill in the distance to some location we can't quite see. This is what has happened to me.

Through some random series of link-clicking, I came across a blog on homeschooling. This in itself is odd since I rarely click random links. That I read the most recent post was also unusual. Homeschooling is not something we ever considered for our family. So anyway I read the blog and by another coincidence, the writer was part of a group posting on their blogs for ten days about different homeschool methods and topics. There were ten blogs, posting for ten days, and I clicked link after link, reading the current posts for each one. Interesting.

I went about my day but those blogs kept popping back into my train of thought like a little itch scratching away at the back of my brain. I sent the kids off to school. scratch, scratch, scratch I did a bathroom tidy and threw in a load of laundry. scratch, scratch, scratch I talked to my sister for TWO HOURS on the phone (not about homeschooling, just about 'things'. We can really talk when we get on a roll). Gosh. scratch, scratch, scratch I put together a jumble of ingredients for a stew supper later that night. scratch, scratch, scra ... you get the idea.

The next morning I searched the history list of my browser, revisited those links and subscribed to the blogs with my google reader. At this point I was subscribed to three blogs. Inn on the Border Weather Report, Welcome to Wherever You Are, and What God Said Tonight. That's it. Only the three.

Since discovering the home school blogs, and following related links, I now subscribe to 67!! assorted blogs related to home making, home schooling, education, the Bible, and God (see my menu for many of these). Good Lord!

Hum. Little off the track there. But really... 67 subscriptions. Anyway.
This little scratch continued through the week. Obviously I began reading more than those first 10 blogs.
Then I discussed home schooling with J on date night.
And started mentioning some ideas to my children.
And began talking to J about it nightly. I admit, occasionally his eyes glaze over.

At this point, I believe home schooling is what God wants us to do next year. I know how it sounds. Crazy as can be. Or maybe not. This is my blog, after all.

I have talked to a facilitator at a School Board that supports traditional homeschooling. Helen was a fantastic source of information. A very nice lady too. What was going to be a few questions turned into an almost two hour conversation. oops

I'd like to attend a home school convention coming up in our province this month. Helen told me about a few home school stores in my own area that I want to check out. And I need to do some more reading before making my final curriculum decisions. The amount of information on the internet is amazing and a little overwhelming. There are so so many choices. And is home schooling the right decision? And if so, how should I direct the new path we will follow? I need to pray for guidance.

How did you decide to home school and after that, what to use for curriculum and teaching aids?


  1. Hi Penny! Congrats on your decision & may God bless you on this journey!

    We decided to homeschool when my first child was a few years old. All of the mommy friends I had made happened to all homeschool, and so I got to see what it was like and learn lots about it. My very first reason for homeschooling was simply that it felt oddly wrong to just send my little boy away for 8 hours a day every day just because he had turned 5. But of course, my reasons grew and evolved since then as well.

    I now homeschool three - my oldest son is now 16, my daughter is 12, and my young son is 6.

    As for curriculum, we have changed through the years as I learn more about how each of my children learns, how I like our homeschool to go, and just what works overall for our family.

    I would suggest making friends with homeschoolers and asking to see what they use. That way you can get a hands-on view of the curriculum and also hear the pros and cons from someone who actually uses it. There is so much available these days that I don't know where newbies turn!

    Good luck! =)

  2. I currently do not know anyone personally that homeschools. I hope to look over some curriculum at the convention this month. Hopefully I'll meet some home school families later in the year when we attend one of the local picnics for homeschool families.
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Tanya!

  3. How do your kids feel about homeschooling? It's a big step, but if God is calling you to do it, He'll equip you! We started homeschooling when my oldest was 4, mostly because the school system was terrible & many people in our church homeschooled. I just sort of used what they suggested to start with, then went to conventions and started researching. I can assure you that there was much less offered then (11 years ago!) and not much online either.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting the other day. Your 6-word story made me cry!!

  4. My daughter can't wait. My son is older and a little unsure. Even still, he is willing to try it out for a year.
    I've enjoyed stopping by your blog.

    Thanks for visiting.


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