February 13, 2011

Whiskey Creek

 Last night was date night and we decided on the Whiskey Creek Pub for supper. It's a decent sized bar with a restaurant off to one side and a large open area for bands with a dance floor. A central bar breaks it all up so it's not one massive room. This is a place we go to on a semi regular basis and it's comfortable.

It's not a 5 star restaurant with water boys and a host (other than the girls behind the bar, who will, more often than not, yell a hello at you as you come in) but the tables are clean and the servers are friendly and competent. They aren't intrusive and I've never had to ask for silverware, napkins, ketchup, etc.

We usually sit in the bar, at one of their tall tables, and like most bars, it's a seat yourself kind of place (and would you believe it, we chose the table by the door again. This has to stop).

The menu has the basic bar fare... hamburgers, appetizers, a decent steak sandwich, home made soup (yum), assorted sandwiches, etc. I chose a cheeseburger with fries and J. took the patty melt with fries. They have a great gravy here so that was ordered as well. Everything was good.

The toppings on my burger were fresh. The hamburgers are real ones, made in the kitchen... not rink patties (not to trash a good rink patty burger - everything has its place, but they aren't always known for the top grade meat). I love how they slice the onion.  Many rings of very thinly sliced raw sweet onion. Yum again!

J. had no complaints about his patty melt. This is something he has ordered more than once, so I know it's good. Once unfortunate thing - they do not have Coca Cola products. It's a shame. Their ice tea is good so I have that, but a coke would just make it all perfect.

Btw, they have a wing night on Fridays, Canadian Tire night on Tuesdays (yes pay for your bill with Canadian Tire money), and a comedy night on Thursday. To check out more information, their location and entertainment, see their facebook page.

Things to be thankful for:
4. my daughter's giggle
5. my son's smile
6. my husband's love

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