February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is the day for love and lovers.
I suppose that means that this blog should be about J. but I'm not really one for public declarations. Don't get me wrong. I love him with all my heart for many reasons... and for the most important reason... but I don't need to blog about it. All that mushy stuff is between me and him.

So! Today I am going to blog about my sister instead. I think it is fitting since I love her and miss her.

My sister and I are almost four years apart in age but it's never really felt that way. Okay, maybe when we were younger and I wanted to go out to play, and I was forced to bring her along... but it hasn't felt like that for a long, long time. The years don't matter anymore, now that we are adults. Only that she is my sister and my friend. I may not have liked her tagging along back then, but when I remember it now, I'm glad Mom made me take her. Sometimes Moms know a thing or two.

And it wasn't all bad. Having a little sister meant there was always someone to play with (important on a farm). She usually didn't care what we played, as long as she was included. She was someone special to giggle with. Someone to dream with. Someone to keep away the monsters in the dark and help me feel brave, even though she was the little sister.

Growing up, we went through some rough times together, made it through together, and we can look back and feel stronger for it, together. She's the one who was there through it all, lived it all with me, and understands more than anyone else could with just a few words.

Now that we are adults, she's the one I call if I'm sad, or if I'm happy... or if I need to rant. Every moment spent together is special. Thank goodness for unlimited calling plans. If this was the 80's, I'd need a second job for long distance calling. We try to get together whenever possible, but never nearly enough, living so far apart.

She is not only my sister. She is my bestest friend.
She is my seester.

Sisters Meeting by Chidi Okoye
P. is a wonderful woman. Caring, giving, intelligent and strong. She has compassion and empathy and a good heart. She's an earthy person, loving to dig in the dirt or spend time in her greenhouse, growing her plants, surrounded by dogs. She has depth and warmth and so many sides. You will be just as likely to see her on a motorcycle as you will a horse, and always ready to smile or wave. She's a supportive mother and she's raised a wonderful daughter. I admire her greatly. My sister is fantastic person and a life-long friend.
I'm very lucky to have my sister and to be so close like we are.

Happy Valentine's Day, sis!

Things to be thankful for:
7. My sister!!
8. The little flutter inside when J. winks at me
9. A February Chinook

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