February 11, 2011

Postcards from Moose Jaw

Before anyone is confused, let me explain.

Yes, Moose Jaw is a real place. It's a small city in Saskatchewan. This city actually has quite a bit of history, and tons of character.
See the underground tunnels used to smuggle Chinese workers, and others used by the nefarious Al Capone while on the run. Tours now run that tell the story of both and allow you to view and explore the tunnels. The actors and actresses that enrich the experience make this an activity well worth taking in. Be careful if you go with little ones. The Al Capone experience is quite authentic and they may get a little confused.
Try riding the public trolley car for a sight-seeing tour of Moose Jaw. See beautiful heritage buildings like the library. Built in 1912, this building is stunning. At the center is a beautiful stained glass dome and glass floors separate the first and second floors.
Relax in a therapeutic geo-thermal pool or go for a drive and see the multiple wall murals covering the outside of many buildings.
At the center of the city is Crescent Park. A fantastic place to go in the summer, with children or without. Bring along some birdseed or bread crumbs to feed the ducks and other birds living there.
But wait. This was supposed to be about postcards.

A few years ago, I mentioned Moose Jaw to a friend from Hong Kong. She really thought it was a funny name and wasn't sure it was even a real place. I told her I would send her a postcard from Moose Jaw.
Yes I know she could just look it up on the 'net but that isn't near as much fun.

Since then, I've sent many postcards, some to her, some to others.
I still haven't sent her a postcard from Moose Jaw.
Oh, I have some. I picked them up about a year and a half ago. Somehow they never got sent. Then they were packed away while we moved to a new home. They were forgotten among other items tucked away while we renovated. I came across them again cleaning up some boxes in the basement.
I'll have to send them this week. She'll be so surprised!

I love postcards. I love to receive them and I love to send them. In a world where letters are rare and most of our paper mail consists of bills and flyers, receiving something that is meant only to make us smile is a small pleasure.

It can be a card with a beautiful picture of some vacation location, a funny one bought at the nearest novelty shop, or one you made yourself... they are all good. A postcard might not have room to write much of anything, but they all say 'I was thinking of you today'. And that's the whole point of it.

It takes no time at all to jot off an email, to forward a joke or a touching story. There is something special about using a pen to contact someone. Even better than a postcard, are letters. I won't pretend to be a big letter writer but I do love to receive them and I do believe there is something special about a real true letter written on paper with a pen. I came across a blog on letter writing the other day actually. If it interests you at all, check our what Tonia has to say at Study in Brown.

But again, back to postcards. Valentine's Day is on Monday. Why not send out a few postcards and remind someone you're thinking about them. Or even better with the holiday, pick up some Valentine's cards and mail them out. Personally, I think I might remember to send Postcards from Moose Jaw.

Tomorrow will be our date night this week and I'll have another restaurant review for you.

Things to be thankful for:
1. Sunshine
2. My family
3. a fresh glass of coca cola

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