January 9, 2011

Welcome to Narnia

Crazy massive storm went through Narnia yesterday. Drove from Redcliff to the Hat on the low road to check it all out last night (storm was still raging strong at that point). Might not have been the best idea. We were lucky to be doing 6 mph.

Met oncoming traffic driving on Our shoulder, thinking they were on their own on the opposite side of the highway. The snow is so disorienting and it doesn't help at night. The lights only seem to light up the swirling snow.

One truck was driven right up on the steel guard rail before the underpass. I mean right up on it, front tire 4 ft in the air. Seen multiple cars in the ditch (no occupants). We took the Trans Canada back. It wasn't much better in the blowing snow but at least there were the highway lights to help keep you oriented, and two lanes with no traffic driving towards you.

Heard there was a major accident due to the weather further west between Strathmore and Brooks. As the rumor goes, 3 semis, 6 cars and a greyhound bus all involved in the accident. The highway was still closed about an hour ago while they continue to try and rescue some people still out there, and clear the highway for snow removal and traffic.

More snow due today. I hope this is the last big one (yeah right...). I could absolutely do with a dose of spring anytime soon. Seems today is doomed to be a 'stay in and get things done' kind of day (and maybe some snowman creations later).

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