January 2, 2011

Tony Roma's

Since the children were at their grandparent's place for New Years Day, and spending the night, we decided to go out for supper. Again! Such luxury. Next I'll forget how to cook....

Tony Roma's was the pick of the night. It was actually supper time when we went out so we didn't have extra high hopes of no lines at the door, but we thought we might get a lounge table. This wasn't the first time we've been to Tonys by a long shot. It is one of our semi-regular choices when going out for supper. Tonight we wanted potato soup! Yummy!

So! Get to Tony Roma's and we actually got a table. It was the last one available and the closest one to the door and greet counter. I'm sort of seeing a table theme going here for 2011. Next time out, inside table for us. This can't become a habit.

Anyway, I digress. We get our table and order. Potato soup for both of us. The bacon bits, grated cheese and green onions all come in their own little group on the top, instead of mixed like the picture shows. The soup is thick but not gluey. There are chunks of potatoes in the soup, but the chunks are not huge. Even if your not a fan of potato pieces in a cream soup, I think you'd still like this one.
I can't say the soup was extra hot this night, and it usually is, but it was still warm enough to eat. I also chose the Boneless Buffalo Bites appetizer and J. picked the Dry Ribs appetizer.

The Buffalo Bites were hot and delicious as always. Made with chicken breast and tossed in a buffalo sauce. Think extra hot or 'suicidal' hot. They go nice with the soup, since the potato and cheese in the soup calm the bite of the bites.

The Dry Ribs were tasty. I had to try one of course. They are a boneless, lightly seasoned pork rib. It seemed like they picked out the largest rib pieces for the order last night. Most needed to be cut in half instead of bite-sized pieces. Maybe because it was ordered as a meal, not an appetizer. Still, they weren't tough and they tasted good.

The service was good. No complaints to be aired. Of course this is one of the reasons we return. Tony's is consistently a good place to go for a no problems type of evening. And when there is something wrong, they are quick to fix it up.

By the way, one downfall of Tony's... no Coca Cola products. :(
It's such a shame. But! the iced tea is good so all is well.

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