January 2, 2011

Original Joe's

New Years Eve we went out for an early supper. We decided to try something new, choosing Original Joe's Restaurant and Bar.
This establishment is a no minors kind of place. Very nice when you don't have children with you.

It was still early (but over half full already) so they suggested we sit where we'd like to be. Most of the tables are high, with tall chairs. We chose a table not far into the dining area. I thought it might be drafty being closer to the door (and winter brrr), but the place is nicely warm. There was no chill to be felt. So far, so good.

The gentleman that followed us to our table and gave us menus launched right into the specials for the night. It threw me off for a minute because I wasn't yet seated. Our waitress came along shortly after for a drink order and an offer to repeat the specials. They have Coke products by the way, not Pepsi (hooray, Go Joes!). Of course, Coke it was!

We started with the Mediterranean Short Ribs. The menu describes it as
a full pound of tender pork ribs, lightly fried, and seasoned with garlic, fresh lemon juice, oregano, sea salt and cracked black pepper; served with house made tzatziki for dipping.
They really weren't the most tender ribs I've ever eaten but they weren't a chore to eat and they were certainly tasty.

J. ordered the New York steak that was one of the specials for the night. It wasn't horrible. A little underdone but enough to be eaten. While he wasn't thrilled about the meal, it wasn't awful. Maybe steaks aren't their thing. I didn't see it otherwise on the menu except for a steak sandwich choice.

I chose the Sgt. Pepper burger. A "black pepper crusted burger served with chipotle sauce, banana peppers, lettuce, tomato, red onion and melted provolone." I added fries and veggies with dip as my two side choices.

Not sure about the peppers on a burger, I got them on the side. I'm glad I did. I added a few to a try them and they were okay but not worth the extra mushiness they would have added to the burger. The burger itself was really good. Cooked well but not overdone. The toppings were fresh as were the side veggies. I'd order it again.

All in all, it was a decent place to eat. I have no complaints about the service which means they actually did their job and did it well. I'm picky so no complaints is an impressive comment.
There were a good number of chicken and fish dishes on the menu (which really aren't my thing) but there were a few other choices I could have picked besides the burger.
Although it's not a place I will pick in the future if someone asks me where to go for lunch/supper, I won't say no if someone else suggests it.

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