January 15, 2011

My Office

Last night being date night, we went out for supper. The choice of the evening was My Office Pub at 919 Southrailway Street SE in Medicine Hat. It was the first time I've been to this establishment.

It's a seat yourself kind of place, being a pub (somehow we ended up by the door anyway and the place had many other tables open. It's like our subconscious wants us to be close to the door. It's our new theme for 2011. Next we'll be dining and dashing without knowing it.).

The place is nicely decorated with an assorted collection of everything in typical bar style. Neat and unique objects adorn the walls and shelves. The bar shows an impressive display of bottles filled with liquids in a multitude of colors. A seperate room in the back hosts the pool table. Our waitress, Stacey, brought menus right away and took our drink orders. Hurray, hurray, they serve Coke products. Their ounces are also full ounces. No skimping.

Right away I fell in love with the menu choices. Two pages of appetizers! All my favorites were there and some very tasty new options I want to try. Seems reasonable, being a pub, but there was also a full entrée menu. Salads, chicken, seafood, hamburgers and steaks. A very nice selection.

J. ordered the New York steak. It came with garlic toast, vegetables and Caesar salad (there were other options as well like potatoes and such). The salad was good. Crisp greens. The veggies were also nicely cooked, not mushy. J. said he enjoyed his steak. It was cooked as he requested and tasty. Maybe not the best steak he's ever had, but certainly not the worst and definitely enjoyable.

I ordered the Chicken Quesadilla and Fettuccine Alfredo for my side (again, there were other options). I was impressed when it arrived at the table but not as much once I tasted it. The shell was cooked perfectly and looked so good. So did the Fettuccine.

Unfortunately they seem to like green peppers much more than I. Many too many and chunks larger than I like for sure. I did eat about half of it but the green pepper was too overwhelming to eat more than that. There was little else that could be tasted in the quesadilla.

The fettucine noodles were cooked really well, but the Alfredo sauce was a little bland. Or maybe it just needed more of it. Not entirely horrible and I ate about half of it, but not the greatest.

All in all, I'll go back. The service was good and the prices are reasonable. I'm sure I'll find something I'll enjoy if I try a few more items. I'll try to remember to take a few pictures next time.
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